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Freestanding Water Dispenser

1. Deluxe design
2. This freestanding water dispenser comes with fashionable hot, ambient and cold 3 faucets design.
3. Double safety device for preventing overheat     
4. High power stainless steel hot water tank    
5. Equipped with compressor cooling system, Midea freestanding water dispenser feature high efficiency cooling.
6. Child safety lock for hot water faucet. 

Specifications of Freestanding Water Dispenser, MYL305S

Model MYL305S-B MYL305S-W MYL305S
heating Output 4L/H
Power 100W 90W
Temperature ≤10℃
Output 2L/H 2 L/H 2L/H
dimensions packing 358*386
container loading 40' 396 396 396
40'HQ 396 396 396
Certification UL

Midea Company is not only a water cooler manufacturer in China. Our primary products include MYL1036 and MYL31 water cooler dispenser and more.
All aforementioned products feature durability and stable performance, and are ROHS, CE, UL, FCC and CCC certified.
If you are interested in our products, please contact us directly. We would be happy to serve you.

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