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Water Bar (Water Cooler)

Freestanding Water Bar (Water Cooler)
JL1056S, JD1056S, JL1059S, JD1059S

1. Able to provide hot, warm and cold water, Midea water cooler makes your life comfortable.
2. Designed by Canadian famous designer, Midea freestanding water bar has a deluxe appearance in European style. It shows both great elegance and fashion.
3. Digital control and LCD display
4. The filter life is monitored by microchip and is displayed by LCD.
5. Touch responsive buttons make operations easy. Child safety lock for hot water faucet makes this drinking water equipment safe to use.
6. Filter of water bar is removable, which is easy to clean, and the filter life is long.
7. 100 Celsius degree fresh water kettle device is available.
8. High efficient cooling system. JL1056S, JL1059S water bars adopt efficient compressor cooling system, and JD1056S, JD1059S water coolers adopt advanced semi conductor cooling system.

Midea freestanding water cooler has a four tier filtration which consists of PP nonwoven material, prepositive active carbon, ultrafiltration, and post active carbon.

Specifications of Midea Freestanding Water Bar

Model JL1056S JD1056S JL1059S JD1059S
Outlet velocity 0.5L/H 0.5 L/H 0.5L/H 0.5L/H
Dimensions Packing Dim. 416*441*1160 416*441*1160 444*490*1270 444*490*1270
Container Loading 40' 280 280 216 216
40'HQ 280 280 250 250
Certification UL

Packaging for Midea Freestanding Water Cooler

Model Packing (mm) Outlet Velocity Total Water Volume Of Outlet (L) N.W.(kg) G.W.(kg) QTY/40'GP QTY/40'HQ
JL1056S 416*441*1160 0.5L/min 2000 18 20.4 280 280
JD1056S 416*441*1160 0.5L/min 2000 24.3 26.7 280 280
JL1059S 444*490*1270 0.5L/min 2000 19.9 23.4 216 250
JD1059S 444*490*1270 0.5L/min 2000 26.7 30.2 216 250

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