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RO Water Purifier

1. RO water purifier adopts top quality RO membrane from DOW Chemical Company, which provides long working life and good water quality.
2. Equipped with 4 tier or 5 tier filtration system. After filtering, the tap water dispensed from the purifier can be drunk directly.
3. Water level automatic control technology is adopted. It means the RO water purifier is safe and easy to operate, more reliable to use.
4. RO membrane auto cleaning system can prolong the working life of RO.
5. The 2nd generation fast joint technology provides high safety and easy maintenance.
6. RO water purifier passed NSF watertight test. It can defend more than 100 thousand times water hammer attack, which shows its great security.
7. Components exposed to water are all made by food contact materials, which are safe and reliable.
8. Wall hanging design enables the RO water purifier to be hung on the wall.

Features of Midea RO Water Purifiers

Model / Features MRO101-5 MRO101A-5 MRO105A-5 MRO102-4 MRO103-4 MRO121-4
FC water saving technology is adopted, so the Ro water purifier can save more than 30% water consumption —— ——
Damping water saving tech, enables the water purifier to save more than 10% water consumption —— —— —— —— ——
One-touch Korean patent technology makes the purifier easy to dismantle and superior in watertight —— —— —— —— ——
Manual wash design make the drinking water equipment easy to clean —— ——
LED display to show the working status —— —— —— —— ——
LED display, deluxe appearance and visualized status —— —— ——

Specification of RO water purifier

Model / Specification MRO101-5 MRO101A-5 MRO105A-5 MRO102-4 MRO103-4 MRO121-4
Filtration system 4 tier: PP nonwoven, prepositive active carbon, ultrafiltration, post active carbon 5tier: PP nonwoven, prepositive active carbon, PP nonwoven, ultrafiltration, post active carbon
Water source Tap water
Water temperature (℃) 4~38
Water pressure (MPa) 0.1~0.4
Purifying capacity (L/h) 7.8
Filtration precision 0.0001~0.001μm
Voltage (V) 100~240
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Power (W) 30
Water purifier dimension (mm*mm*mm) 370*200*470 450*200*500 390*150*500 400*180*490 400*205*490 430*155*415
Packing dimension (mm*mm*mm) 420*350*330 494*234*554 475*206*535 477*237*554 477*260*554 500*230*465
Net weight (kg) 10.5 10.5 14 11 9.5 7.5
Gross weight (kg) 11.2 12.7 16 11.7 10.7 8.6

We are an RO water purifier manufacturer with over 10 years of experience in this line. This abundant experience teaches us how to manufacture high quality products, like water cooler and pipeline water cooler. Nowadays, our products are well received by customers all over the globe.
For more information, we welcome you to contact us at anytime. We at Midea look forward to working with you.

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