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POE Water Purifier

Midea Water Dispenser Manufacture Company is China professional POE water purifier manufacturer, which has more than 10 years manufacturing experience. We provide our customers high quality freestanding water dispenser, central water purifier, etc. Our products are certified by UL, CE, CB, GS, etc. Hence, we are accepted and welcomed by global customers, and we achieve a bigger and bigger market share. Our drinking water equipment is sold to the U.S, Spain, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Nigeria, India, Russia, Vietnam, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, etc. We welcome international buyers to contact us. Here is detailed information about our POE water purifier, including features, and specifications.

1. Ultrafiltration technology is adopted to remove particles, organics, chlorinated matters and 99% bacteria in water.
2. Midea POE water purifier has passed NSF watertight test. It can defend more than 100 thousand times water hammer attack, which shows its great security.
3. The external housing of the filter element is made by SUS304 stainless steel, which is safe and healthy.

4. Manual cleaning design effectively extends the lifetime of the filter element.
5. No requirement for power supply and no generation of waste water. So, the POE water purifier is energy saving and environmental friendly.
6. Midea POE water purifier adopts internal pressure ultrafiltration technology, which makes washing more thoroughly.
7. The water purifying equipment is connected to the main water pipe, and provides water for the entire house.


MU109-0.6T MU109-1.1T MU109-2.0T MU117-1.0T MU117-1.5T
World classic INGE ultrafiltration technology —— ——
China-foreign joint ultrafiltration technology —— —— ——

Specifications of Midea POE Water Purifier

MU109-0.6T MU109-1.1T MU109-2.0T MU117-1.0T MU117-1.5T
Filtration system Water pipe ultrafiltration
Water source Tap water
Water temperature (Celsius) 4~38
Water pressure (MPa) 0.1~0.4
Water purifying capacity (L/h) 600 1100 2000 1000 1500
Size of filterable particles 0.01~0.1μm
Water purifier dimension (mm*mm*mm) 335*φ178 485*φ178 785*φ178 486*φ127 550*φ100
Packing dimension (mm*mm*mm) 370*220*233 534*220*233 833*220*233 510*250*205 670*195*205
Net weight (kg) 3.1 4.3 7.5 4.4 5.4
Gross weight (kg) 3.7 5.4 8.2 5.1 6.2

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